1. June 2023

    1. Sat 03

      NSG Round 3
      (5-6 Years)

    2. Sat 03

      DS - Round 5 - First Nations Round

    3. Mon 05

      WSC #2 - Round 7

    4. Sat 10

      NSG Round 4
      (5-6 Years)

    5. Sat 10

      DS - Round 6 - Sponsors Day

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WDNA Umpire Program

2023 Umpire High Performance & Development Squad Umpires

Please find attached 2023 Umpire High Performance & Development Squad Overview for Umpires.  Click here

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2023 High Performance & Development Umpiring Program

WDNA Umpire Award

The WDNA Umpire Award is an association based award designed to encourage beginner umpires.  This Award is only recognised at WDNA and is not a prerequisite for a National Badge.  Club Umpires at this level are developing umpire skills, techniques and practical application of the Rules.  Umpires should be encouraged to continue towards their National C Badge.

Umpires will be required to have a 70% pass in the Rules of Netball Theory Exam and have completed a Basic Umpire Course.  The assessment panel shall consist of 2 Assessors, one of whom must be a Nationally recognised tester.  The second panel member can be an umpire who is learning to be a National Tester (ie an umpire who has not yet held their badge for two years) or an interested association umpire.  This will give inexperienced testers an opportunity to develop their skills and broaden their knowledge.

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